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Ehlers-Danlos and New Zealander's

There has been more interest from fellow EDS Zebras in New Zealand about coming to Australia for diagnosis/treatment. We are working with Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes NZ to create more info for those interested in the process. 


Australia and New Zealand have a reciprocal health care agreement, meaning NZ citizens are eligible for free limited medically necessary treatments for illness and/or injury. Despite both Australia and NZ having a visa waiver between countries both require a visa for medical treatment

Coming to Australia  Visa for Medical Treatment.

Coming to NZ Visa for medical treatment and/or consultation.

As you will not be covered by medicare you will be expected to pay the full costs of any medical consults, imaging and/or medication. 

It is advisable when travelling internationally with a chronic medical condition to take out travel insurance.

There is not any specific Ehlers-Danlos Institute in Australia and care is scattered all over the country. Waiting lists for Rheumatologists and Geneticists can be several months as there are limited specialists available. We are currently working on a database of medical specialists until then check local to you in New Zealand at and generally at the Ehlers-Danlos Society.


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